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Paean (Tiercel)

Thomas dons his BNJMN moniker yet again, this time releasing the
kickoff for new label Tiercel. In contrast to his Body Reflections
Pt. 1
release on Tresor earlier this year, Paean feels tougher and
rougher. “Mass Conductor” starts things off with a relentless
16th-note percussive pattern while the arrangement builds steam
around it. It has all the calling cards of harder techno without ever
properly throwing down; instead it fidgets anxiously to great effect.

Paean by Tiercel Records

The A2 track, “The Greater Void,” recalls some of the more
ambient, chilly landscapes of Body Reflections, its hazy atmospheres
gliding like a cool fog. BNJMN has done well to prove himself quite
versatile over the last few years, and he’s just as good at these
scaled back beatless cuts as more rhythmic workouts. The title track
is the most immediate of the three, anchored by a steady, rolling
bass kick and staccato, detuned synth patterns and a keen sense of
spatial design. It’s probably my favorite of the three, but the whole
release seems to encapsulate where Thomas’s talents lie across the
board, both on and off the dancefloor.

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