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Rvnes: Rest / Relief (Jehu and Chinaman)

Rvnes is the alias of German ambient producer Malte Jantzen, and this stark, 2-track album is my first exposure to his particular brand of hyperminimalism. Divided into two halves (“Rest” and “Relief”), this is music that is once so minimal as to be austere, yet warm and subtle enough to be seductive. I liken each piece to minimal painting, where its entire trajectory is a subtle shift in hue rather than any obvious dynamics or sense of space.

It’s oddly inert and yet there’s something about this music that resonates with me deeply. It’s so plain and yet so rich with multiple listens, two meditative drones that reflect the sentiments of their respective titles. Something about these pieces leaves an impression like an afterimage from staring at a light source — residual and lingering but somehow elusive and shapeless. Highly recommended for fans of Celer, Line and other ambient drone music.

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