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Dynamics: Outer Envelopes (Denovali)

Dynamics is the latest guise of electronic producer Samuel van Dijk, who’s worked previously as Mohlao and VC-118A. Multicast Dynamics is
perhaps the most unconventional of his projects from what I’ve heard
of each, and Outer Envelopes is his fourth in a series of four albums
on Denovali themed around locations. Preceding Outer Envelopes were
Scape, Aquatic Systems, and Scandinavia. As its title suggests, Outer
pushes even further into the outskirts of convention than
its preceding three sprawls of abstraction. It’s not to say that MD’s
music is without shape or deliberateness. At times it even picks up a
languid groove that would probably have felt at home on an early 12K
release, such as on the patient ping of “Sonar” or the frosty
pulse of “Merge.”

But I find the most inspiring portions of Outer
to be in its faintest and most abstract moments, like on
the near claustrophobic dryness of “Interior 1967,” the alien
crinkles of “Modular,” or the gaseous clouds that begin each side
of the album, “Atra I” and “Atra II.” Like Scandinavia before
it, this album includes a bonus rework by van Dijk wearing his
VC-118A hat. As a result the spacey throb of the original is brought
out into a proper beat that gives it a nice 1-2 head bob. It’s a nice
return to the ground after eight transmissions from the outer limits.
Fans of the more ambient side of Bine Music, early 12K, or abstract
neo-dub acts like Pole will probably enjoy the sounds of Outer

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