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Kowalsky: L’Orange, L’Orange (Mexican Summer)

artwork for Gregg Kowaksy’s first solo album in several years is a
good tone setter for the sounds within. He
both designed the artwork and created the gorgeous, ambient
landscapes of L’Orange L’Orange, and both reflect his current
surroundings (LA & Malibu) and where he grew up (Miami): “I
made a blissful record, and that’s not usually what I do. […] Just making it was meditative.” That meditative quality
comes through in the entirety of the album, a sweet, sunny journey
across tranquil ocean water, sandy beaches, and candy colored

L’Orange, L’Orange by Gregg Kowalsky

The first track, “L’Ambience L’Orange,” is a bit of a
red herring, starting with ambient pads and drones but suddenly
stopping abruptly. However, the rest of the album delivers on the
warm, ambient tease of its opener, with none of its tracks straying
far from that sun-tinged easiness. I particularly like the rippling
effect of “Tuned to Monochrome” and the reflective Budd-esque
piano of the more pensive finale, “Blind Contour Drawing For Piano.”
Highly recommended for fans of sunny, serene listening.

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