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Galibard: Brain Poacher (Lobster Theremin)

strong showing courtesy of Lobster Theremin, this time from Gilmer
Galibard, whose EP begins with a booming steady techno kick. I’ll
admit that with the name “Bell Blocker” it’s difficult for me not
to expect something on a Planetary Assault Systems tip, and it’s not
so far off from that (though I assume the matching title is a
coincidence), but at the heart of the track is a sweeping, dubby
chord syncopation, swiftly maneuvering from side to side in the mix
in a way that would no doubt make the Chain Reaction crew proud. It’s
a deep, driving track, a solid start to be sure.

Brain Poacher by Gilmer Galibard

While “Brain
Poacher” isn’t quite as deep as the opener, it has the same
propulsive drive, accentuated by tense syncopated bits of modulated
feedback. It would feel right at home on Tresor, with much of the
reliable tautness and spirit that fuels the finest techno on the
label. Galibard continues exercising his channel-panning treatments
of patterns that feel progressively more invasive and upfront as the
tracks progress; on “TT” it feels splits the difference between
industrial grind and sci-fi sweeps. All four cuts are solid from
start to finish, each one feeling like it belongs alongside the next.
None of these has much in the way of bassline or melody, really just
tightly wound grooves. Recommended for any techno enthusiast with an
ear for rhythm and noise.

Buy it: Lobster Theremin