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Max ‘97: Fruit Crush (Liminal Sounds)

three-tracker from Air Max ’97 shows off his developing chops as far
as instrumental grime goes, with “Fruit Crush” being a prime
example of a compelling convergence of heavy rhythm and melodic
layers. Its fluttering synth voices punctuate an otherwise bulbous
track full of distorted kicks.

The B-side, “Shape Cut,” is more
of a chunky midtempo groove full of stuttering flourishes and an
infectiously weird zipping pad that holds it together. I think its
strident groove is a nice complement to “Fruit Crush,” working
well together as a 1-2 combo. The last track is a collaboration with
UK producer Strict Face, crossing over into footwork fast-slow
territory full of deep sub bass drops, crashing claps, and a
reverberated droplet lead, perhaps the most urgent of the threesome,
and a nice finale.

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