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Reasch (Shipwrec)

From their beginnings as an earnest melodic IDM outfit,
the Funcken brothers have expanded and elaborated on their aesthetic over the years.
It’s been some time since I’ve personally really heard their music,
so Reasch is a nice reacquainting. It turns out this release actually originally surfaced in 2010 in a limited run, and only just recently has it been made available digitally. Better late than never! “Reasch” is uptempo, a rousing
electro tinged IDM track with a punchy rhythm section and lush pads,
letting listeners know that this may not quite be the same Funckarma
that crafted intricate beats and melodies on Solid State and Parts.

“TRent” is much more aggressive, a spastic
acid-fueled workout with a  heavy lurch. Fans of post-dubstep grooves
will dig it, but I think it has broader appeal to anyone with a soft
spot for tightly crafted production and that acid bite. “Spud
Bencer” continues that trend, with a crisp halfbeat accentuated
by acid zaps and vocal samples. It flirts with hip hop downtempo and
dubstep conventions but has a nice fast-slow thing happening in the
details that lends it the Funcken touch. But my personal fave is in
the mind-bending weird sounds of closing track “Grone.”
It’s an unlikely favorite, I suppose, with its freeform jazz drum
fills, chunky claps, and chorused string pads, detuned and
disorienting. On a good pair of headphones, it’s awesome, one of
those rare tracks that just sounds utterly unique and strange and
unto itself. Very highly recommended.

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