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Artists: BEK 022 (BEK Audio)

Glasgow-based producer Gary
Beck kicks off the 22nd release on his own BEK label, a pummeling
techno banger named “Backward.” It starts off aggressively and
only continues to mount the tension, with grinding synths and effects
layering while vocal loops loom overhead.

Hans Bouffmyhre and Kyle
Geiger step it up with their collaboration, “Inwards.” It’s
another steady banger, moving at a good clip and brimming with
syncopated drums and snares.

Beck’s proceeding collaboration with
Mark Broom, “Data Flux,” is a much deeper groove but no less
aggressive. The more brittle highs of Beck’s opener are softened
while the kick is a deep thunderous pulse, sharing much to love in
common with Broom’s consistently stellar solo productions. The last
cut is “Double Zero” by Space Djz, held steady by its pounding,
distorted kick and clean claps. Its soaring, descending Doppler
effect-esque leads give it a menacing, urgent vibe, aggressive and
momentous. None of these tracks boasts much in the way of melody or
even a bassline, but they certainly deliver in fine form the taut
techno that I’ve grown to appreciate and respect from the BEK camp.

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