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Adhesive EP (Liberation Technologies)

Schofield’s specific blend of rhythm and noise shines brightly on
this recent EP, each of its four cuts giving the others a run for
their money in both departments. It’s that marriage of beatmaking
and harsh distortion that’s largely distinguished Container from
his other post-techno peers, and so hearing it in full effect here is
a strength rather than a drawback; it’s in those qualities that the
similarities to his Spectrum Spools EPs end. It moves at a faster
clip and refers back to electro more directly, though I’d say that
the harsh patterns of Adhesive are closer to 90s power noise and industrial acts like Esplendor Geometrico and Dive more than

The shriek that starts off “Slush” is perfectly piercing, and Schofield’s pacing and layering of sounds is nearly flawless. He knows just when to back off and when to let it rip, and that’s what makes most of these tracks work so well. Opener “Glaze” has a different energy about it, an up-tempo rock beat that recalls the most raucous tracks from Diamond Version, but even more abrasive. It has a sister in “Complex,” a slightly less noisy take on a similar tempo and rhythm, but it’s the title track that steals the show. “Adhesive” has all the bite and burn one might associate
with ripping off a strong Band-Aid — prickly and abrasive but oddly
invigorating. Its flailing leads and effects threaten to take the
whole track down as it builds to a climax, but Schofield smartly
leaves some of that detritus running sans rhythm to make the track
just that slight bit more DJ-friendly. Of the releases I’ve heard,
Adhesive is as strong as any of the others, showing that Schofield’s
knack for sculpting rhythm and noise runs deep and is ripe for even
more exploration. Highly recommended.

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