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Re.You: Speicher 86 (Kompakt Extra)

Another taut tracky double-header from the reliable Speicher series on Kompakt. “Fantasy” thrives on woozy, bending flange and delay in its insistent lead pattern, giving it a disorienting quality that’s both playful and vaguely creepy. I love when Kompakt serves up these tracky wonders, sort of the convergence of their more recent and older aesthetics. It’s both weird and catchy, particularly by virtue of sheer repetition, often the hallmarks of my favorite techno tracks.

On the flipside, “Robot” is cleaner with a nice round bass synth and evolves into a swirling, layered production. Synth zaps and fluttering samples complement icy German voices while techno underpinnings are sure to keep feet moving in time. For me, “Fantasy” is the winner if I had to pick one, but both are tracky and tasty, welcome additions to the Kompakt stable.

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