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Kölsch: Speicher 84 (Kompakt Extra)

Kölsch’s latest installment for Kompakt’s still-going-strong Speicher series shows off his talents for dancefloor anthems quite nicely. “DerDieDas” is a rousing, swelling techno track with some nice thick drums and distorted synths. It’s repetitive but joyous, buzzing with electricity and a nice punchy clip. Rarely does it deviate from its insistent hook, three ascending notes, again and again, and yet I wouldn’t have it any other way. It’s some of the best evidence that one need not have a vocal at all to make a delightful pop-infused gem.

The other track, “Two Birds,” is again quite mixable and accessible, likely to work in several different types of sets. It shares the first cut’s penchant for slightly fuzzy distortion on its synths, a nice contrast to the crisp drum patterns that ground it. It’s a little bit more expected when compared to some of his past anthems like “Opa,” but still a quality track nonetheless. Recommended.

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