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Palace: Codex/NRG (Hot Shit Recs in Effekt!)

This 1-2 punch from Palace packs in a lot of joy in just over 10 minutes of music. “Codex” is a spry garage-house track with a tight perc organ riff and diva samples, really punchy and tightly wound but no less fun. It’s just as good as most of what’s coming out from the Disclosure guys, infectious and deceivingly simple.

But the B-side is where it’s at, an uptempo garage track that feels timeless. Both tracks have killer sub bass lines that are likely to shake the floor, but the funky piano stabs of “NRG” and a soaring, wailing diva sample are enough to give it the leading edge of the two for me.

I’d venture that either one ought to be a pure crowdpleaser, sounding both new and old and familiar and exciting all at once, like so much of the best dance music does.

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