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M.Mercer: “Hive Mind” (Supernatant, 2015)

“Hive Mind” is the last track on my latest solo album Supernatant. In making this album, I amassed a large amount of improvised drones, textures, and sketches over the span of a couple of years. Many of these began by tinkering with new software and patches, and seeing where inspiration led me. In other instances, I started working from samples generously provided by the community over at — their Creative Commons 0 licensing on select sounds allows other artists to incorporate those samples uncredited into our own work. Such is the case here with the textural, timbral grind of strings, complemented by digital instruments that bristle with tremolo and tension. After working in material so heavily dominated by rhythm and convention (my synth-pop collaborations with Matt Keppel in Microfilm), it has been liberating to work laterally in a world of sound that’s unencumbered by those trappings.

The entire album is available on Bandcamp for just $10, while the entire video playlist is up on YouTube as well. This video was shot in Seattle with the help of BABA and edited in Portland by yours truly.