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AD Bourke: Equal Turns EP (Five Fold)

Four tracks of fairly streamlined tech-house from Adam Bourke that owe plenty to turn of the century Forcetracks, particularly on the jaunty hook and bassline of “Divvy,” reminding me so much of some of the Digital Disco tracks Forcetracks explored with compilations in 2001-02 or so. This is not a bad thing, either — it’s a slick sound that almost always sounds good to my ears. “Driving Flow” has more of a spacious, late night vibe to it, perfect for night driving in the dark. “Redlight” picks up a bit on Detroit techno with its coursing pads and insistent hi-hats, but I’m partial to the warm comedown of “Naked Eye,” more directly disco and house-inspired with clean piano chords and beatless arrangement, likely to appeal to fans of the smooth disco-infused sounds of recent Daft Punk. But in general, the sound elsewhere is much more techno-leaning, with a nice balance of moods and paces.

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