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Black Sites: Prototype EP (Pan)

The duo Black Sites herein present two tracks of fairly squirrelly techno that’s rough around the edges in all the right ways. “Prototype” starts and just goes, a dusty kick drum, open hi-hat, and filtered stabs that repeat continuously. Stray bleeps and noise find their way into the mix as it proceeds, before the kick disappears and the entire thing feeds back onto itself until it turns into a shrill wall of rhythmic noise. “N313P” continues along the same lines but pushes further into the outskirts of accessibility, starting with a squelchy synth that falls in sync with a distorted 4-to-the-floor kick. Syncopated leads and patterns weave in and out, giving the track rhythm beyond the lurch of its main kick. It’s a noisy tapestry of squelches, noise, zaps, and beats that would likely lend itself surprisingly well to mixing with a qualified ear but also is effective on headphones as a squirmy crossover between techno and something other. Recommended for fans of Container, Metasplice, or perhaps Actress in a ruder mood.

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