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Muslimgauze: Azzazin (Staalplaat 1996)

Bryn Jones was an absurdly prolific British musician, starting off at a young age in 1982 and gradually releasing progressively more and more music until his death in 1999. Labels continue to release previously unavailable music from him as well as reissue his albums, many of which were pressed in small runs on independent labels. Jones released nearly a hundred albums in his living years, not to mention dozens that have followed posthumously. Thankfully his music lives on, and there is so much of it.

I hadn’t heard this one in its entirety before, and it strikes me as one of his more abstract releases, processing and manipulating sounds far away from the Palestinian origins he often referenced more overtly in his music. Despite that abstraction, the socio- and geopolitical undertones still are at the root of his creations.