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Shadows: Where There Is Only Light EP (Avian)

The title cut is full of deep and dirty, distorted breaks, with looping patterns of noise and bleeps — aggressive mid-tempo stuff for the dancefloor that would be just as at home within a bangin’ techno set as it would in an industrial mix. It recalls the more mechanical side of Tresor but with a more ragged edge. “Distorted Images” continues the trend, with fat, beefy syncopated kicks and cyclical bleepy patterns, topped off with a fresh coat of fuzzy distortion. Halfway through, the rhythm section fades to silence while the bleeps ensue, only to take a half a beat’s pause before everything slams back into position, nice and loud. Highly physical stuff that’s sure to keep bodies moving. Mike Parker turns in a remix of “Distorted Images” to top it off, with much of its distortion peeled back. Instead its focus is on the hypnotic, reduced interplay between rhythm and bass, the bare essentials. It lacks the visceral core of the original but has a certain appeal in its hyper-minimalism.

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