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Silent Servant: Hypnosis In The Modern Age (Sandwell District)

Nice deep techno from the Sandwell District crew, released late last year before Regis and Function announced they’d be dissolving the project and label. John Mendez has also released techno in the past as Jasper, and he started the Cytrax and Delay labels in the 90s. It’s been ages since I’ve heard anything from him, but these two tracks are completely ace. “Mad Youth” is dark and deep and lives up to the EP name. Hypnotic to say the least, its undulating, repetitive synth patterns are an awesome complement to the rhythm track, resonating with depth like it’s reverberating off the walls of a big empty space. “The Self” is another hypnotizing workout in itself, with its main hook being a highly repetitive synth pattern that cycles continuously from start to finish, only varying in the final stretch of the track with some filtering and cutoff changes to muddle the sound a bit. Over top a chorus of feedback drones hovers like thin clouds, obscuring the sound but never taking any definite shape. Intense and compelling all around, it’s sad to know that this is one of the final releases from Sandwell District — but then again, they’ve always been about quality, not quantity.

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