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Lukid: Spitting Bile EP (Glum)

Surprisingly upbeat EP from previously mostly downtempo producer Lukid, kicking off with “Your Teeth In My Neck.” It’s the most full-on dance music production I’ve heard from Lukid so far, with a house rhythm section and odd detuned synths. It’s a nice counterpoint to the more typically lo-fi, woozy sounds of “Park It Low” or “Dragon Stout,” each of which has a charming sort of surface haze to it. “Spitting Bile” is definitely the most caustic of the bunch, with a wonky, distorted synth brass lead over an irregular dance beat. I like his rhythmic sensibility on these upbeat tracks, often pausing to drop the kick or snare here and there which gives it a strangely jerky feeling. What this EP lacks in smoothness compared to Lukid’s full-lengths it makes up for in quirkiness and charm, a cool dancefloor curveball.

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