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Bob Ostertag: Motormouth (SoundCloud)

Bob Ostertag posted this set of tracks to SoundCloud as a free download. These are the same tracks that Sandwell District artist Rrose used to create the Motormouth Variations LP last year, to great effect. Well worth grabbing for listening and tinkering, especially for anyone interested in modular synthesis and old school electronic music.

All this music was played on a Buchla 200e modular synthesizer. The 200e is Don Buchla’s recent reincarnation of the Buchla 200, which he created in 1970, which was in turn the heir to the Buchla 100 he created in 1963. 

Everything was recorded in one pass with no overdubs.
Track 5 was mastered by Thomas Dimuzio at Gench Music.
Cover art and design by Alex Culang.

All Bob Ostertag’s recordings can be downloaded for free at You are welcome to sample, slice-n-dice, and remix this music however you want. If you release what you made, please note what the source was.