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Eliphino: More Than Me (Somethink Sounds)

Ultra smooth EP of tracks from Eliphino. I’d previously heard Eliphino’s Undivided Whole EP back in 2010 which I enjoyed, but something about these tracks is way more inviting. It has a nice, smooth house crossover appeal, even though it still is rooted in the same future garage sort of sound that characterized Undivided Whole. The tempo tends to be a bit slower, the sounds warmer, at least on the two tracks that lead off. These are the real reason to listen anyway, working as companions to each other. Really nice and spacious and warm with a tinge of melancholy in their looping and insistent vocal samples. The other two tracks round it out with slightly different sounds, such as the fidget house crispness of “I Played” or the garagier breakbeat of “Devoted.” But despite the whole EP being solid, the sure highlights are the 1-2 punch of “More Than Me” and “No More,” such a handsome pairing and probably more universally compatible.

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