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SCB: Loss (Aus)

Paul Rose revisits his truncated SCB moniker as a diversion from his main Scuba project with two more cuts of deep techno and tech house. “Loss” is definitely more of a house crossover with its looping vocal hook and bouncing, fat bassline. It makes some oblique nods to the acid house revival that seems to be more en vogue now than ever as well as a touch of Detroit, but overall this is a back to basics dancefloor workout, stripping away much of the darkness that I feel has characterized a good amount of his repertoire as both Scuba and SCB. If anything, despite a title like “Loss” this is a bright and physical dancefloor track. “FutureUnknown” recedes into the shadows a bit more. Its rhythm tracks are still crisp and punchy, and it shares some of the same arrangement leanings of “Loss,” but it’s less joyous and has a bit more mystique. This could be solely due to the lack of a vocal hook by contrast, but I find its reverberated chord stabs and insistent hihats to conjure up flashbacks of late night Tresor and its strong run of streamlined techno records in the late 90s / early 00s. Definitely aimed more at DJs and track-heads, but another strong outing from Rose — even when he is exploring more “genre” tracks he tends to turn it out, and then some.

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