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Gui Boratto: The Drill (Kompakt)

Brazilian producer Gui Boratto returns to Kompakt for a new double-header. “The Drill” is a rare foray into schaffelfieber for Boratto, bringing to mind some of the chuggier grooves of fellow Kompakt artist Naum or the the slick, darker side of SCSI-9. The 12" recalls the trackier moments of Boratto’s K2 debuts several years ago more than the summery pop of his full-length album hits, and these bite a bit more still. Boratto’s knack for tightly crafted hooks is still in effect, but with a decidedly less pop flavor and instead something more physical and direct for the dancefloor, not bothering to worry about mainstream appeal. “Stems From Hell” clicks in with a regular 4/4 rhythm section, and its 8-minute+ duration gives him some space to work with dynamics, providing some sharp, spacious contrast to its buzzy crescendo with an expansive, patient dropout that shows off Boratto’s chops as a producer in a different way than most of his more dense pop tunes. It’s yet another solid entry into the Kompakt discography, a healthy one-off for Boratto and hopefully an indication of more to follow.

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Gui Boratto – The Drill (KOM 232) by Kompakt