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Kyle Bobby Dunn: Ways Of Meaning (Desire Path Recordings)

This truly lovely album from ambient guitar musician Dunn is an airy dreamer. I’ve heard bits and pieces of his repertoire but this is my first headlong dive into an album in its entirety, and it’s a nice place to be. Dunn’s music, at least on this release, seems to be somewhat guitar-based, but most of it is run through effects and we’re treated to a variety of overtones, harmonics and resonance rather than traditional playing. The result is lush and patient, a soothing set of sounds that recalls the most serene moments of Stars Of The Lid and their solo projects, or the most sublime ambient moments of Brian Eno or Aphex Twin’s discographies. Opener “Dropping Sandwiches (In Chester Lake)” may encourage some of these comparisons without stifling Dunn’s own artistic license, letting his own technique come through the airy lightness. At times the sound is more active, like the intertwined guitar tones of “Canyon Meadows,” but generally the entire affair is quite drowsy, just the way I like it. The 15-minute “Movement For The Completely Fucked” bears the most direct similarities to Stars of the Lid, gliding in a series of overtones, effects and drones as what could be considered the centerpiece of the album. Beautiful and nebulous, well worth a listen.

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Kyle Bobby Dunn – Canyon Meadows from joe morgan on Vimeo.