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Frank Bretschneider “EXP” (Raster-Noton)

Frank Bretschneider has always fit neatly into the borderline non-musical, rhythmic pulse of Raster-Noton and its ilk. The first time I heard his music was his album Rand on Mille Plateaux, a super severe entry into their then newly-established clicks_+_cuts series of releases. It was around 2000 and artists were beginning to fully embrace the concept of “error music” or supremely reductive rhythmic electronic music that was almost fully divorced from the concept of dance music. The opening segment of this mini-album is not surprising, but from the stuttering crescendo of sound that concludes it, things get significantly more interesting. Suddenly Bretschneider is not so staid and conservative – he’s getting downright playful with the vague ghost of free jazz haunting his electronics.

Watch/listen: “Chamber Jazz, Biplex, Blue: Cyan”