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Four Tet: There Is Love in You (Domino)

Kieran Hebdan’s Four Tet project continues to evolve with this latest album, which seems heavily influenced by his collaboration with Burial. There is much more of a reliance on a 4-to-the-floor pulse, but he choose to generally use a more sampled/acoustic drum kit still on many of these tracks. His affinity to bright, twinkly chimes and plucked strings is here still, providing a high-end textural sound to many of the tracks while he also explores cut-up vocal samples. This looping effect that he uses more obviously on this album could be likened in the most vague way to Jan Jelinek or The Field, while his sonic palette is decidedly more acoustic and sampled. There is something about these tracks that seems somehow less adventurous than his previous earlier work, but it doesn’t matter – nearly everything on here is totally ace.

Watch/listen: “Plastic People”