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Ceephax Acid Crew: United Acid Emirates (Planet µ)

Squarepusher’s younger brother Andy Jenkinson has been making playful, skittery melodic music as Ceephax for some time, but this release on Planet µ is the clincher. He’s reinvented himself as the go-to guy for acid house throwback, and this album (sporting one of the best pun names of all time) is the real deal. There’s not really a bad track to be heard. “Castilian,” previewed on Planet µ’s 200 comp, is the odd man out as it sounds much more like his older, faster breakbeat tracks, but still tucks in alongside these other more straight-up dance tracks because it’s just so damn fun. So this album delivers full-on acid house, some fun video game soundtracks, some more emotive slightly slower fare, and acid-tinged space disco. There’s really not a bad track to be found. It’s so much fun!!!

Watch/listen: “Life Funk”