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SINCE 2010

X-Marks the Pedwalk: “Meshwork M.1″ (Meshwork, Zoth Ommog 1995)X Marks the Pedwalk’s Meshwork is an album I curiously find myself returning to fairly often. Their earliest stuff was very much in the...

:wumpscut: “Believe In Me” (Music For a Slaughtering Tribe, Zoth Ommog/Metrpolis 1993)(Source: https://www.youtube.com/)

X Marks The Pedwalk: “Don’t Fall Asleep” (Human Desolation, Zoth Ommog 1992)(Source: https://www.youtube.com/)

A-Head: “Deep Down (Fiable et Durable)” (Zoth Ommog 1991) An obscure one from the early 90s that I’ve always enjoyed, a one-off side project of André Schmechta a.k.a. Sevren Ni-Arb...

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