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Groove / Errorsmith: Allaby / Airbag (50 Weapons)

Groove turns up the bounce on his “Allaby,” a tracky one
punctuated with vocal stabs and fragments over a straight-up drum
track with no other supporting elements: no bassline, no leads, no
chords. Despite that, it has a very cool stride it hits about halfway
in, with a nice low kick and syncopated, modulated vocal pieces and
parts that feel familiar while remaining abstracted.

Little did I realize at first what a perfect complement it is to Errorsmith’s
frantic “Airbag,” making one of his first appearances on his own
in a good amount of time. (He’s surfaced as half of MMM over a string
of singles in the last several years, though.) “Airbag” lacks
much percussion at all outside of the minimal attack on its spastic
fuzzy leads. Much like the rest of his material, it avoids dancefloor
conventions almost entirely and yet has such a curious and
fascinating spirit about it that it’s infectious nonetheless. It
recalls some of the jerky anti-grooves of Mark Fell, and it shouldn’t
then be surprising that the two collaborated on a record for Pan this
year as well. One of the more interesting 2-trackers to surface on 50
Weapons in a while, well worth a listen for fans of leftfield dance

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