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Should Have Been Done By Now (Hibernate)

Pourkarimi unveils his first ambient album as Umchunga, a name he
picked up from Mira Calix’s “Umchunga Locks.” The six
pieces that comprise the album are beatless, hazy, and floating, a
hefty slab of fairly serene ambient drones. The overall aesthetic is
consistent and even, but Pourkarimi has a knack for getting the most
out of his relatively small arsenal, using guitar, synths, and,
occasionally, voice to craft these dreamy excursions. At first, based
on the airy spread of “Feint,” I assumed the entire release
would be droning and atmospheric, and in many ways it is… however,
there is more than initially meets the ears.

Should Have Been Done By Now by Umchunga

The lonely melody of the
title cut showcases Pourkarimi’s guitar more than others, with a
gloominess that feels tangible, but at other times he captures the
same coarse majesty of his contemporary Tim Hecker by virtue of
rising, sweeping swaths of distortion and thick walls of drone
(“Coil,” “Howl”).  Overall it’s an immersive experience,
probably best enjoyed start to finish in an intimate environment; it
sounds gorgeous on my studio monitors. Fans of Tim Hecker, Lawrence
English, or Fennesz will likely enjoy Umchunga’s slabs of melancholic

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