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Milton Bradley: Reality Is Wrong (Prologue)

The title track of this EP from Milton Bradley is a slow burner for late nights and headphones. It’s not beatless, but it never throws down any predictable dancefloor groove, a sharp contrast to the other two cuts that accompany it. Instead, it’s elusive and vague, with crinkly loops and delicate, delayed plucky synths that flit around the mix. With its over-ten-minute duration, it’s an odd choice to lead off this EP, existing somewhere in a limbo between ambient and something other. The other two cuts will make DJs happier, with more traditional dancefloor techno grooves, albeit no less dark than the first track. “The Unbearable Lightness” seems a bit snarky in its title, as the track itself feels like a headlong race into darkness. Its kick is clear and high in the mix, surrounded by looming drones and thin white noise hihats. “Trapped In Eternity” is as paradoxically claustrophobic and expansive as its title suggests, continuing the theme of bending, creepy drones, but this time over a squiggly, fat bassline pattern. All three cuts are outstanding, with varying amount of versatility for DJs, but all compelling for at-home listening. I’d be interested in hearing more of these dark excursions from him — they would likely lend themselves well to a full-length effort.

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