27 October 2012

Olafur Arnalds: Two Songs For Dance (Erased Tapes)

Short and sweet, these two understated pieces suggest movement in a far less obvious way than what one might expect. Both have an elegant stride to them, a nice patient tempo and arrangements of piano, strings, and synth with some dramatic percussion. The release appeared originally as a 7" in a limited run, but it’s also available digitally for a modest price. “Endalaus II” is anchored by a nice delayed beat, while “For Teda” focus on a graceful piano/pad combo before a generous low-end of rhythm kicks in as support. Both are lovely, nice additions to an already impressive repertoire. Here’s a bit more info about the release I dug up, for some background:

Following on from Ólafur Arnalds’ critically acclaimed dance score ‘Dyad 1909’ (2009) for the internationally renowned choreographer Wayne McGregor, now comes ‘Two Songs For Dance’ – a limited edition 7” vinyl that captures two exciting tracks from two contemporary dance projects.

The first, “Endalaus II,” was created for ‘Endalaus’ by Norwegian choreographer Alan Lucien Øyen, commissioned and performed by the Iceland Dance Company. Fans will recognise the track as one of the highlights from Ólafur’s recent live shows, creating an emotional punch against the classical strings. It’s available for full stream as part of the Erased Tapes 5th Anniversary Tour playlist.

“For Teda,” the second song is for London-based company Neon Dance and part of choreographer Adrienne Hart’s on-going project ‘Archived’it’. It brings forward a new concept in online interaction by allowing anyone to create their own version of ‘Dance on Steps’, a dance film featuring dance and mime student Teda de Moor from 1934.

Two Songs For Dance will be released as a 1000 copies ltd. edition 7” vinyl and high quality download on August 13th via Erased Tapes, and can be pre-ordered from the official store here: http://erasedtapes.com/store/index/ERATP043

MORE INFO: erasedtapes.com · olafurarnalds.com · neondance.org/work/archivedit/




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