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Celer: Evaporate and Wonder (Experimedia)

The prolific ambient duo of William Thomas Long and his late partner Danielle Marie Baquet recorded Evaporate and Wonder in 2009, another fine entry in their vast catalogue of shapeless drones. It’s difficult to do their music justice in writing, because it is so gaseous and vague. It’s almost more of the suggestion of music rather than any outright musicality, if that makes sense. Like an afterimage rather than something concrete. The two long halves here are airy and light but not without a suggestion of some obscured darkness. The second half, “Repertoire of Dinless Shifts,” is especially murmurous. I’d liken its slow fade to faint moonlight refracting underwater, the suggestion of light without direct impact. Despite a subtle tension that occurs within the sea of drones, this is quite peaceful and serene. It’s tempting to lump so many of these ambient-drone releases together and write them off as “been there, done that,” but among some other contemporaries Celer tends to deliver nearly every time with a gorgeous result. Evaporate and Wonder is just one of those, recommended for fans of the more delicate and hushed side of ambient music.

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