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Dark Sky: Black Rainbows EP (Black Acre)

This 4-track EP from Dark Sky gets better every time I hear it, and its tracks build on one another from start to finish. I like this much more than their 2011 Radius EP on Modeselektor’s 50 Weapons imprint (though it was itself not shabby at all)… the first two cuts are highly percussive with the same clattery sounds that have characterized recent output from Randomer or Blawan, but these tracks are more patient and evolve slowly; they’re not going to set the dancefloor on fire but are rather nice perky grooves brimming with repitched perc sounds. The other half revolves more around a garage tip, with jaunty two-step patterns and quasi-anthemic synth lines. My favorite track of all is “Zoom” which has a cool combination of 4/4 kick in the bridge and detailed synth flourishes admist the bouncy bassline that anchors it. Very very nice stuff, solid all around with enough variety to keep it fresh.

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