26 April 2012

Analog Drum & Bass

Interesting and cool video of a drum & bass track creating using all analog gear, no sampling or digital editing.

Here’s the blurb from the original poster on Vimeo:

This is my imagining of what circa ‘98 era minimal tech step drum ‘n bass may have sounded like had it been invented before modern samplers and digital synths / fx.

All the sound is being generated live, coming straight from the main mixer in the middle, with no multitracking. Sequenced by 3 vintage hardware sequencers, the Yamaha QX-1, Roland MC-4 and Roland MC-8 locked together by tape-sync.

List of the main gear used :

Sequencers : Roland MC-8, Roland MC-4, Yamaha QX-1

Modulars : Roland System 100 (Drums), Moog series 900 (pads), Roland System 700 (Basses), Arp 2500 system, Buchla 100 series.

Other Synths : Korg MS-20, Roland System 100 standalone synth.

FX : Roland Space Echo RE-501 (tape delay, chorus, spring reverb), Roland DC-30 (analog chorus-echo), Roland Dimension-D Analog Chorus.

Mixer : Tascam M308b




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