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Senni: XallegroX / The Shape of Trance to Come (Warp)

Senni continues to hone and perfect his personal brand of beatless,
jaunty “pointillistic trance” on this succinct 2-tracker from
Warp. It builds on the infectious and pop infusions of his preceding
Persona album for the label, both tracks bursting with anthemic
JP-8080 trance synth syncopations without ever dropping a beat or
resorting to any other sounds.

While I’ll admit that his approach
might lose some of its charm after several releases, he is no doubt a
master of his own craft. He’s stuck to his guns in his process and
still delivers results that are just as infectious and compelling.
“XallegroX” has a real urgency to it in its stabby cadence and
refrain, and it’d be a full-on dancefloor anthem with some fleshing
out in its arrangement. And yet its spareness emphasizes Senni’s
strength as a producer and arranger, never overdoing it.

“The Shape
of Trance to Come” has a more uplifting flow, still stabby and
insistent but with more angular counterpoint and contrasting sounds
than its predecessor. Those familiar with Senni’s previous work won’t
be surprised by this one, which barely ekes forward from his last
effort for Warp, but it’s a solid corollary to that album and as good
an introduction as any to his rather particular body of work.

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