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Isabelle: Monad XXIII (Stroboscopic Artefacts)

Artefacts is one of the more consistent electronic labels of now,
with a keen focus on minimal and dark techno that pushes the limits
of dancefloor compatibility. Its ongoing Monad series of EPs
continues to deliver, with an impressive preceding arc that’s
included releases from label head Lucy, Plaster, Xhin, Perc, Kangding
Ray, Lakker, Tommy Fourseven, Rrose, Sendai, Rrose, and more.
Charlotte Isabelle is an act making its first appearance with this
EP. There isn’t much information about the project, but its sounds on
the 23rd Monad release are compelling enough without any need for

Opener “Anaba” has a boom-boom-thud pattern that
persists from start to finish, driving it forward like a forced
march. It’s ostensibly dancefloor-friendly enough, but its driving
pattern lends it a different sort of urgency. It’s complemented
nicely by the more spacious cool of “Geridoo,” which still
includes militaristic snare flourishes, though far less emphasized
than the mechanized lurch of the opener. “Desba” pushes further
out still, with a rolling brushed snare pattern that feels like a
locomotive while foggy, distant drones sustain its duration, before
dropping out percussion altogether for the final cut, “Antakarana,”
a real highlight by virtue of its bending, looming moans of sound.
Seasoned fans of Stroboscopic Artefacts know just what to expect, and
the quality control is as reliable as ever. Otherwise recommended for
fans of spacious, darker instrumental electronic music that reaches
toward the outer limits of the dancefloor.

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