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Nyctophobia EP (Mord)

second release on Mord is a furious storm of techno with sharp edges
throughout. Many of his angular, syncopated sounds are coarse and
rife with distortion. Nyctophobia is a fear of darkness, an ironic title considering the claustophobic and leering sensibility of A001’s tracks herein. Opener “Isoptero” is straightforward enough
with its pummeling four-to-the-floor kick and needling high-end
skitters, but it gets more interesting with “Anglo,” the second
cut. A001 throws down some caustic beats that would make Surgeon
proud, never honoring the instinct to lay down a steady kick. Instead
it writhes in time and feels like turbulence more than a dancefloor
jam, but there’s no reason these tracks can’t be both. As it
progresses, Nycotophobia gets even more harried, like the looping
wails of “Cyprido,” the insistent jabs that lead on “Scotoma,”
or the swaths of metallic grit that carry “Phengo.” It’s all more
than a little bit pummeling, and yet there is enough intrigue in the
layering of A001’s visceral sounds to keep me interested.

Nyctophobia EP by A001

My favorite
cut is “Amatho,” one of the few cuts that has a melodic hook of
sorts in its urgency while its hi hat stand-ins repeat in triplets
for the duration. “Necro” is a welcome denouement, nearly twelve
minutes of beatless fallout after over a half an hour of rhythm and
noise. Those interested in the more mechanical and industrial side of
leftfield techno will probably enjoy most of Nyctophobia, a kindred
spirit to other harsher techno acts like SHXCXCHCXSH, Surgeon, Perc,
or Shapednoise.

Buy it: Mord Bandcamp