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D.A.: Features, Vol. 4 (Repitch)

D.A.’s curious double acronym name comes as a result of its various
contributors. Primarily it’s the trio of D.Carbone, Ascion and
Shapednoise, done in collaboration with Dimitri Poumplidis and Andrew
Bowen (AnD). The first of these collaborations evolves into a
pummeling storm of distorted kicks and industrial clashes, only
occasionally delivering a regular gallop to underpin its chaos while
otherwise keeping listeners on their toes with its erraticism. It’s a
raucous opener that makes way for its successor, perhaps the most
industrial of the five. Its hard, steady throb and supporting clatter
remind me of the most caustic of Caustic Window tracks or some of
AFX’s dirtiest entries. A little over halfway through, it finally
throws down a hard four-to-the-floor kick that is immensely

[FEATURES SERIES] Features Vol. 4 by D.A.S. D.A.

There is a cyclical chug about part four that crunches
and grinds in stereo in such a way to feel dizzying, appealing to the
noisiest of its contributors’ sensibilities and being perfectly
punishing. Gluttons for punishment will totally love all of these
cuts, with enough variety in its grind to stay engaging from start to
finish. It’s definitely harsh stuff, though, heavy on rhythm and
noise with nary a melody or real bassline to be found.

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