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Zang (No Pain in Pop)

of electronic music that pushes to the furthest outskirts of the
dancefloor ought to invest some time in Zang. The title cut begins
with a chorus of electronic screams before turning into a bulbous,
wriggling anti-jam. On headphones, there’s the added bonus of Jire’s
ping-pong mix, with many of its sounds wildly oscillating left to
right and back again. It’s definitely strange stuff with an affinity
for the obnoxious, but it all works together supremely well. I’m
reminded of vintage Mego or Russell Haswell, or even vintage
Pure/RRRecords artists such as Emil Beaulieu or Aube.

But in some
cases it has a more fidgety, newer pulse to it, such as the aqueous
throb of the title cut or the more subtle bass drones of “C_Temple.”
“47 Reflections” feels even more industrial in its clatter and
menace, a fascinating sonic teardown. It’s odd to glean a vibe of
post-dance music from these tracks because objectively they are so
far removed as to be unrelated, and yet it feels like these extreme
worlds colliding to create a glorious racket. Highly recommended for
fans of Russell Haswell, Demdike Stare, Pita.

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