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Rode: The Wolf (Deca Rhythm)

with an attitude, “The Wolf” comes on strong with a pummeling
distorted kick that recalls Test Dept as much as if not more than,
say, Beltram. It has only a few musical elements beyond its
aggressive clatter of industrial drumming until a grinding acid line
makes itself known about halfway in while alarms sound in the
distance. It’s urgent and mad fun for techno heads who like the noise
brought — think Perc Trax, Strooscopic Artefacts, Blawan.

“Fillmore” on the flip seems like a shufflebeat stormer hanging
on triplets until about a minute in a half in when it snaps into
position as a steady scientific techno track. It lacks the bite of
“The Wolf,” but it still exudes a similar coarseness in its
clattering percussion and bitcrushed bleeps. Both cuts would work
well in a set of techno bangers or with a more aggressive, industrial

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