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Close Your Mind EP (My Favorite Robot)

Fairley continues to evolve his sound with his latest installment as
Fairmont. “Still” kicks it off with a more patient kick and a
claustrophobic mix dense with woozy bending synths and tiny accents.
Fairley’s vocal provides a refrain of sorts, but the real heart of
the track is in its sprawling synthesis solo for the last couple of
minutes, which I’ve no doubt is a killer part of his live PA. “Close
Your Mind” is the centerpiece here, nicely channeling many of his
various strengths all at once. His airy vocal recalls some of
Fischerspooner’s more sublime moments, but the production feels like
a logical extension of his Automaton album, a nice steady clip and a
fuzzy warmth to its busy synths and arps.

The last track, “Neolith,”
hangs on an oddly effective repitched vocal by Fairly, gliding
unnaturally from pitch to pitch. However, its instrumental stretches
are just as nice, if not more so — they are full, thick with
atmosphere. Somehow it fits the ghostliness of the entire outing, the
one consistent thread through the Fairmont catalogue. What I most
like is how effortlessly this would fit alongside vintage Human
League as much as current tracky Kompakt records, the best of both
worlds. These tracks are as physical as they are melodic and rich,
solid all around.

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