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Extremities (Unknown Precept)

Anthony’s debut for the German Unknown Precept label is techno just
this side of weird, with conventional underpinnings and enough
disorienting, wide stereo effects and stabs to keep things unusual
and interesting. The scattered time signatures of the layered
percussion patterns on “It Was Me,” for instance, turn what could
be a purely utilitarian techno track into something laterally akin to
drumming works by Steve Reich. One of the more unique aspects of
Extremities’ tracks is that the kick is often slightly less
conventional, often layered with extra distorted kicks to punctuate
the mix in unpredictable ways. “Let’s Eat (Working Title)” feels
like its kick is a beat off in the mix, but that’s because he’s
emphasizing certain instances over others.

Most tracks have an
industrial edge to them, generous with distortion and squelch; these
would easily sound just as at home on Perc Trax. What this foursome
lacks in melody or hooks it more than makes up for in its uniqueness
and skewed sounds. Each track has just the right amount of bite,
still somehow infectious with only a chuggy, rude percussive groove
to hold onto. Very cool stuff, recommended for fans of tougher techno
from Perc Trax, Karl O’Connor, or Surgeon, best experienced loud on a
good pair of headphones.

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