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This Is Not My Future (CPU)

four-tracker for CPU tucks neatly in the ethos of the indie electro
label, with a sound perhaps not quite of this time suggesting early 80s electro
and b-boy as much as current throwback artists to the era like DMX
Krew. The uptempo jaunt of “Retro Transformer” is about as
loyal to Cybotron as can be, with zippy chords and FM synth patterns.
It continues on the title track, with a Dopplereffekt-esque urgent
bassline and computerized vocal samples. It’s a hearty slab of
Kraftwerkian electro that feels right at home with most of CPU’s

This Is Not My Future by Koova

“Distant”’s floating pads are a nice contrast
to the bleep-bloop of Koova’s arrangement otherwise, which again is
anchored by a steady electro break and detuned percussive bass. But
the 80s nostalgia goes full tilt with “In Search Of,”
starting off with a familiar and dated orchestra hit and dry drums.
Its goofy lead melody and pitch bends remind me of the crush grooves
of early 80s hip hop and breakdancing culture, good fun and
irresistible. It’s another solid entry of electro nostalgia that is
executed with reverence and a wink.

Buy it: CPU Bandcamp