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Verbos: Walk the Distance (The Bunker NY)

producer Mark Verbos, now based out of NYC, has signed with The
Bunker NY to release this record, his first in several years. Verbos
made a name for himself in the 90s making lean and mean techno, and
Walk the Distance reasserts Verbos as a force with which to be
reckoned. “Start Up Drive” is as bangin’ as it gets, with coarse,
distorted claps and a dense, meaty kick propelling it forward. “In
the Back Room” feels even more nostalgic for the hardware jams of
the 90s, with a thick mix of mids that makes it sound like it was
captured to tape. “Just a Little Late” slows down the tempo but
ups the weird factor with odd synth patterns and roomy claps and
hihats, strangely infectious with its insistent bass patterns.

the first two cuts bring the techno full force, it’s this one that I
think would get any room moving, both punchy and fun. The title cut
comes last, and it’s fantastic. It subverts my expectations fully
based on the preceding tracks, changing the game up with a more
sedated mid-tempo bass kick and chilly pads, largely substituting
atmosphere for the bite of the first half of the release. Here’s
hoping Verbos and Bunker will continue to collaborate on putting out
more transmissions as fine as these.

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