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CU (Downwards)

aggressive stuff from Karl O’Connor (a.k.a. Regis) on his prolific
Downwards imprint under this curious alias, with the first cut “CU1”
thumping away while rims and zaps skitter about. It’s measured and
steady, with his usually deft sleight of hand in the mix to subtly
evolve it. but those expecting any kind of hook or bassline to hold
onto may be disappointed. To my ears, it’s just what the doctor
ordered, no nonsense techno with some real heft to cross over between
techno and industrial sets.

“CU2” bristles with some of the same
nervous energy of its predecessor, but I’d describe it as a darker,
sleeker model. It’s more spacious, less dense, though the same
percolating rims and details unify it with the first cut. “CU1
(Original Mix)” feels more claustrophobic than the preceding
version, lacking that broad stereo richness and instead feeling more
immediate and intense, a different flavor from the booming
expansiveness of the first track.

It’s curious that the versions of
“CU1” seem flipped from the original release in name, and that
O’Connor left off the UST remix of “CU2,” the only other CUB
track in circulation — so this is an incomplete re-release.
However, fans of O’Connor’s non-melodic, syncopated rhythmic
workouts of recent years will no doubt enjoy the physicality herein,
another solid entry in the Downwards discography.

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