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BOAN: Mentiras (Holodeck)

This EP from Texas-based BOAN is an interesting hybrid of dance music, synth pop, and something slightly stranger. The bright claps and sparkling synths that start off “Babylon” suggest something akin to Chvrches or Purity Ring, but the reverberated vocals and slightly offbeat songwriting recall the more aspirational reaches of an act like Rainbow Arabia without the world music cliches or goth-tinged synth-pop acts like Trust with a rawer touch. Fans of chillwave and electronic indie pop will likely get into the groove of “Babylon,” its mid-tempo stride, and an infectious refrain. “Freak Snake” has more bombast behind it, with thick snares and kicks underpinning its boom-boom bassline. It’s a nice hefty complement to the dreamy lilt of “Secretos” that follows, a soaring number colored slightly by Mariana Saldaña’s more downtrodden vocals.

On the tracky sprawl of “BOAN Acid,” Saldaña is much more of an MC, reinforcing the drive and repetition of its acid patterns as it unfurls over 10 minutes. It’s a pretty cool combination of influences and sounds, with vocals that steer the music away from pop to something slightly stranger. Its repetitious electro basslines, chunky drums, and spooky vocals make Mentiras an oddly captivating listen, one that is likely to move the body as much as the mind.

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