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Sei A: Gasp EP (Aus Music)

The first noteworthy thing about Sei A’s “Gasp” is just how BIG its kick is. It’s not distorted or especially thick, but it is loud in the mix and threatens to overpower everything else with its sheer *sub*ness. It gradually reveals itself to be more of a sleek house track, with a looping vocal pattern and syncopated toms. It has a certain easy appeal to it, without a big hook and instead feeling more like a tracky diversion or segue. “4ME2,” on the other hand, is a breath of fresh air. Its strange square wave of drones sets it apart from the pack, sounding somehow joyous with its chunky, almost washed out rhythm track and a fat sawtooth bass sequence.

“Never Wander” again digs deep with a spacious mix of techy house that feels almost celestial in its aspirations. Its layers of delays and effects send it soaring high while a handsome FM bass ensures a good amount of dancefloor appeal. Solid tracks all around, but the less obvious supporting cuts are my personal favorites for their willingness to step further away from the familiar.

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