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Meat Beat Manifesto: Kasm02 (Kasm)

Jack Dangers delivers his best MBM material in some time in the second installment of Skam’s new sublabel Kasm. I’ll admit that I haven’t heard so much of his output in recent years, but I was a massive fan throughout most of the 90s and still play most of those albums and tracks regularly. “Nocebo” is a steady four to the floor track, nice and punchy, characterized by syncopated modular synth blips and some dreamy, descending pads that eventually reveal themselves to be classic MBM in musicality.

I think this effectively splits the difference between some of the dubbed out trackiness of his 1996 double-album Subliminal Sandwich with more contemporary underground techno in a really handsome way. “The Lurker” has a similar sensibility about it, lots of tightly crafted sycnopation in its synthesis with a dreamy, almost otherworldly hook overhead.

 “Present for Sally” is a real standout, though, with its added acid bite, little squiggles. About halfway through the track, Dangers exploits the rhythmic sputter of cellphone interference in a rather clever way, the whole time letting his rhythm section do its thing, steady and chunky. “Agelast” is the most sublime of them, a low kick with starry synth patterns swirling overhead. It feels alien and yet entirely accessible. It’s refreshing to hear Dangers continuing to plumb the depths of low-end and rhythm to make compelling music, highly recommended.

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