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Rrose: For Aquantice (Eaux)

Rrose continues exploring the outer limits of minimal techno with this latest grouping of tracks. “Levitate” focuses on busy tight snares and rigid syncopation while test tones bend microtonally overhead. The combination lends it both a nervous energy and a wooziness that is captivating. Rrose pushes further still with “Vellum,” a track that sounds as translucent and obfuscating as the paper its title references. The rhythm section again focuses on scattered snares and rims, some quite dry and upfront while others ricochet around the periphery. The reason this second cut is my favorite is that it takes its time to shift shapes. Odd flanged effects expand from the center outward, swelling in scale and depth and, as a result, transforming its drier first act into something more menacing and disorienting.

For Aquantice by Rrose

“Signs,” the final track, is the longest by a couple of minutes, with undulating arpeggios of sine tones and a more classically minimal techno sound, spacey and insistent. There’s a physicality to many of the brighter sounds Rrose is using lately that feels visceral, almost industrial… and yet there is none of the pretense or gnarl that I would associate with “industrial” as excess baggage. Instead Rrose continues to bolster her repertoire for detailed, ice cold techno that feels at once kinetic and cerebral.

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